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Product Catalog 三相-二线跨接
Units are equipped with such protective features as high speed fuses with optional fuse failure microswitch, varistors, and grounded heat sinks. The TC2000 is insensitive to phase rotation of the supply and self synchronizes to the line frequency. It has a partial load unbalance sensing option with an alarm relay to annunciate a change in any leg of >10%.
60-500 amps, 500Vac, max.       Selectable firing modes
Selectable input signal       Optional load diagnostics

The TC2000 series is available as a Solid State Contactor or an SCR Power Controller. Each can be configured to control three phase two-leg resistive loads (three-wire delta or wye) or two independent single phase resistive loads. The TC2000 can accept a logic input (AC or DC) or an analog or potentiometer input. The TC2000 is a compact back-panel mounted unit with a fold-down front door for easy configuration access. Units above 100 amp are fan cooled.