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Product Catalog 单相

25–125 amp, 500Vac max.      Four independent single phase zones
Selectable control and firing modes      EI Bisync, JBus, Modbus® or Profibus® communication protocols

The TU Series quad units with four independent electrically isolated single phase SCR assemblies mounted on a space saving heatsink are available in four versions. They address the needs of simple resistive and complex loads with communications. These units handle loads from 25A–125A per channel, up to 500Vac. They may be used with the model 260 Diagnostic Unit

TU1450/TU1470 The TU1450 is a communicating small frame quad unit available in a 25A or 40A rating as a time proportioned SCR for simple resistive loads. It includes front panel LED's and optional load current measurement. 

It is available with analog inputs, fast cycle or single cycle firing, PLF detection, alarms, and digital communications with automatic switch-over to analog setpoints during communications failure. The TU1470 large frame unit is the same as the TU1450, but extends ratings up to 125A per channel.

TU1451/TU1471 These quad units add phase angle and fast cycle/soft-start firing options for control of simple resistive, variable resistive, IR and inductive heating loads to both the small